Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weekend Mini Epic Ride

Schaeffer is open again. The trail was littered with leaves, twigs, branches, and down trees from the whole winter, but nonetheless it was dry and fast - if my leg power was up to the challenge. Anyway, Chris and I did 10 miles in Schaeffer, came out and then finished the HMC and BH. I wanted to add a little more miles so I did another loop in Schaeffer. In the end I logged in 37 miles total. A few points to be considered for the upcoming race:

1. I need a new saddle. The Fizik Arione looks great and weighs nothing, but 5 hours on that was definitely a form of punishment. I'll probably get another WTB Rocket.

2. The rear tire pressure was probably set too high (36 psi, non-tubeless). I was bounced left and right, fighting the roots all the time.

3. My palms started to feel uncomfortable. The gloves (Fox Sidewinder) didn't help much.

4. I need to get used to the BB7 brakes. At one point I pulled the lever but didn't get much braking power, pulled a little more and it almost threw me off the bike.

Ran into Mr. Natural's, Paul, Bones, and Squirrel girl.

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