Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday in the Watershed

We started from Sandflats (thanks for the link, Chris) and headed towards the Salamander Rock. The trail was sloppy so we had to bail at the stone house. We took the road back to the Sandflats and continued heading southeast on the trail. We lost Brian at Sandflats and soon Jim.

This side the trail condition was much better. We went down the Crystal Clear (and encountered someone who accused us not giving her the uphill right of way - as we were all standing still and let her pass). Anyway, we then crossed the road, skipped the FR trail, and tried to climb up to Hamburg via the waterbar-infested trail. But somehow we missed a turn and ended up on the Fishing Creek road (guess who was the navigator - that's why I don't want to lead LB night ride). When we got up to the Hamburg lot, we saw over two dozen cars, but the bikers probably all went south, I mean the trails south of Hamburg.

We then rode down the left side trail to the enchanted forest. Chris rolled down the rocky drop on his Turner like walking in the park.

The rest of the ride was pretty much eventless. We took Fishing Creek up and blue trail to Sandflats. Aaron was pushing strong on his full rigid 29er, leaving us panting and dragging behind.

14 miles of great ride!

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Crowleigh said...

That lady was so funny. I think that she was convinced we were all going to just blow by her.

She sure sounded like an idiot blathering on about us needing to stop, when we were all stopped on the side of the trail.