Friday, August 21, 2009


I am going to pack bags of caffeinated Shot Bloks and a tube of Nuun for the long ride in two weeks. Never had Nuun before, hopefully it works for me.


Tom said...

I keep looking at that stuff everytime I walk by it in the shop.
I don't think I'd try it for the 1st time though at the event.
A friend was having stomach problems on a ride where he tried it for the first time.

YUEQ said...

I'll try the Nuun this coming weekend.

DaveG said...

The lemon-lime Nuun is OK; the other flavors are disgusting. I tried it for awhile and it didn't really work for me. I'm better off w/ s-caps and plain water.

YUEQ said...

Lemon-lime is what I got. tried it a couple times now. I don't like the flavor, but it still bearable. The other option is just drinking Gatorade. I'll go camelbak-less this time, so I'll have to survive on two bottles between the aid stations.