Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nearly DNFed MoCo Loop

I almost DNFed the MoCo loop on Sunday. Actually technically I did because I had to skip the Clopper Lake and headed straight back to Schaeffer with my last bit of will power.

Now think of it most likely it was the electrolytes. I drank and sweated at least twice as much as I did before. All fluid I took in was water.

Denis was strong all the way.

GPS track: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/10841571


Tom said...

Doesn't he just make you sick.

YUEQ said...


I heard you were doing great on the 29er.

Anonymous said...

You can consider using NUUN and be careful with that hyponatremia.

DaveG said...

Could be electrolytes; could have just been a bad day. I take 3-4 s-caps ever two hours or so when I'm doing long rides. Not sure if it helps, but I'm sure it doesn't hurt.

And Dennis is going to be strong; the guy's probably riding 20 hours a week!