Sunday, August 30, 2009


Can one survive the SM100 with two water bottles and refill at the six aid stations? I'm gonna try it. Here is the plan:

One 750 mL bottle in bottle cage
One 500-mL bottle in jersey pocket
One pump behind seatpost

Also in pocket:
One spare tube
One tire lever
One spare derailleur hanger
One Powerlink
One chain tool
One set of wrenches: M8, M6, M5, M4, Torx 25
One box of stick on patches
Two packs of Clif Shot Bloks
One car key (maybe)
Nuun (maybe)

In drop bags:
Packs of Clif Bloks


Tom said...

Your putting all that stuff in the jersey pockets? Ever hear of a saddle-bag?
Sounds like a plan though.
I gotta get me one of those.

YUEQ said...

Not much. The set of wrenches are really just one piece with M5 and M6, and an M8 adapter, plus a tiny home-made M4/T25.

I've heard bad things about saddle bags.

Anonymous said...

I use a zip tie to make sure mine doesn't fall off. Nice and secure. Thats alot of shit on your back man. I'm gonna be running a 70oz CB and a bottle on the bike tools and a tube in the saddle bag.

DaveG said...

I'm running the same setup as Chris. I leave the pockets of my jersey for the food I eat while riding.

Tom said...

Eat while riding?
Thats plain dangerous.
I bet you use a cell phone in the car too.
Eating is another excuse for me to rest.
I could get away with 2 bottles if I were Yueq' size.
I drink his body weight in water going up Hanky.

Anonymous said...

Very true Tommy. We all can't weight 150lbs soaking wet if that. Haha.