Saturday, March 28, 2009


Completed! 23.0 lb on my bathroom scale, 23.04 lb by adding up all the components weight.


DaveG said...

Wooo, that's pretty! Perfect bike from the SM100. Nice and light too!

We just got Shannon's Flux; it's a hair over 24 pounds on an accurate digital scale.

How much was the frame itself?

YUEQ said...

The frame's actual weight is 2425 grams. I have a few light parts on it: Thomson Masterpiece seatpost (188 g), Dura Ace 12-27t cassette (176 g), Easton SL handlebars (145 g), and Conti Mountain king Supersonic tires (980 g).

Todd said...

That's really nice. Great job with the build.