Thursday, November 11, 2010

DKEG's Gnarly Cross Ride

42 miles mixed surface ride in Frederick. 4,400 ft elevation gain/loss. I felt great in the first 30 miles. After a long stop for mechanical, I pushed a little too hard with cold legs on the Spruce Run (?) climb. I was tired and had to slow down quite a bit. Overall the 32x16 gearing and 2.25 tires combo worked fine for me. On the roads I wished I had a taller gear and thinner tires, but I doubt I was ready to ride full rigid + skinny tires on those trails.

Five rider on this ride all had different weapons. DKEG rocked SS CX bike @ 39x18, Denis 29er squishy with skinny cross tires, Pat geared CX, Tony 29er full suspension MTB and me rigid SS MTB @ 32x16.

DKEG rolled down the rock of doom on his cross bike!

Love to do it again some time.

Photo credit: Denis

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