Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bike Light Test Report

Here is the setup.

Andy and I used the flashlights while Rob and Jack were with their L&M ARC. We came back from Gambrill, skipped the Lawn Mower and took the road. After we jumped onto the trail we turned on the lights. We rested in the Hamburg lot for a while, and did the Knucklebuster out and back. Over all I think we had lights on for more than an hour.

Comparing to the L&M ARC, the flashlight has narrower beam so the perception of brightness on the trail was relatively similar. The color temperature is a little warmer than the ARC's super white.

The battery didn't get even warm, the emitter was slightly warm.

We both mounted the flashlights on the helmet. No flickering was noticed.

I wish it could be even brighter, but the light is sufficient for doing night rides. I rode fast coming back to the parking lot from Gambrill Park road, and it worked fine.

Overall I'm happy. It is also perfect to be carried in the Camelbak as spare or for emergency.

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