Wednesday, September 24, 2008

US Olympic Cyclists in Beijing

The latest Dirtrag magazine (issue 138) had a article by Adam Craig, member of the US Olympic Mountain Bike Team, talking about his experience in the Beijing 2008 Games. On the training and air quality, he wrote:
"The overall "Games Experience" was pretty awesome though...if a bit hard to soak in during the four short days we spent in the village. We agreed, as the U.S. Mountain Bike Team, to train in Korea to avoid the possibility of challenging training conditions and poor air quality in Beijing. Turns out that, through a combination of aggressive pollutant control and natural rainfall, the air was fine. And Mike Broderick found some good riding in the "Fragrant Hills" just west of the city, so we could realistically have just come to the Olympic Village a week out and done our prep there."

Earlier before the Games, some of the US Olympic Cyclists arrived Beijing Airport wearing masks, and then quickly apologized to the host country.

There was a new twist developed: the masked cyclists wanted an apology from USOC.

*Fragrant Hills - 香山
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