Sunday, July 13, 2008

MoCo Epic

Denis and I did the MoCo Epic ride today, touring around five MoCo parks. My gps logged 44.66 miles, 5,000 ft elevation gain, riding time 4:19:28 and total time 6:14:08. Denis should have ~12miles longer than that since he started from his residence. I went over the handlebar 5 minutes into the ride, on a 3" log (yes, three inches) and of course was laughed at by Denis. We added the Little Bennett figure 8 into the loop - it was actually really fun to do it during the day time, we should make it standard for the MoCo epic.

Denis stopped numerous times to exercise his arm muscles with his midget hand pump :P. He also bumped into an angry hiker XD. I, on the other hand, met a couple fellow Texans and had a nice small talk.

GPS trace.

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