Monday, April 14, 2008

Shed Ride 4/13/08

Denis and I did many miles of fine Shed ride today (his computer wasn't working right, and I didn't even bring mine along). We started from the Hamburg lot, headed north via the right side trail, struggled through the Enchanted Forest/Tim's trail, little Canaan, flew down Fishing Creek, turned right on Mountaindale, ground up Death March, toured Super Sweet, crossed the Gambrill Park road, climbed up and went to the 4-way near Thurmont overlook, turned left, crossed the Gambrill Park road again, turned right at the 3-way, down and crossed fishing creek to blue, played in that huge rock garden a little :), climbed up to the pond, dropped down Crystal Clear, crossed Delauter Rd, followed the blue, took the freeride cut, then climbed the right side back to Hamburg lot. Three and half hour total time.

We even timed the trip from 15 to Hamburg. Apparently, from rt 40 exit to hamburg is 10 miles, and Hamburg to Rosemont exit is only about 8.1 miles. Both route took around 15 minutes.

Photo credit: Denis.

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